"A different language is a different vision of Life"

– Federico Fellini

5-6 Months/ 300 Hours

Secretarial Practice in Arabic& English (Gulf Package)

It is a six months long certificate course that ensures promising chances for those who seek data entry and typing jobs at various offices, typing centers, tours and travel agencies, airports, hospitals etc. This course which is a complete package comprising all three above courses (Arabic-English translation), (Arabic, English typing & office training) and (Communicative Arabic & English)is intended for those students..

2-3 Months/ 100 Hours

Arabic, English Typing & Office Training

This course is aimed at finding office jobs using the drafts of different documents. Irrespective of the various methods of typing, there has been a method by which one can type rapidly employing all fingers professionally in the keyboard without looking at it. Arabnet has successfully applied this method since the very beginning of the course and achieved excellent results. This course is offered in three languages (Arabic, English & Malayalam)

1 Month/ 40 Hours

Communicative Arabic and English

This course specially designed for doctors, nurses, technicians, business people, teachers, tourist guides, language interpreters, drivers and other professionals who seek jobs in India and abroad. The one month long practical training in English & Gulf Arabic dialects offered through English will make students able to speak both Arabic & English languages fluently.

4 Months / 150 Hours (Online & Offline modes available)

Arabic-English Translation

This course is designated for students with intermediate knowledge in Arabic and English languages and focuses on commercial and functional Arabic and English. The course comprises different types of documents such as certificates, bio-data, advertisements, notifications, tenders, quotations, memorandums, official and personal letters, court orders & Judgments, brochures, food menus, cards, licenses and power of attorney etc. In a world where reading and writing standards across the globe have placed a great emphasis on the teaching and learning of any language through applied method, we focus on the foundational grammar skills that are essential for reading comprehension and professional translation..

Monthly programme

Training Programs

Arabnet provides complete training to students who look forward to becoming an Arabic teacher.  These training programs are intended to make the students get ready for a lot of competitive and qualifying examinations including D.El.Ed, K-TET, SET, NET. We all know that in making the next generation of successful students talented teachers play a great role. Class rooms and text books are not sufficient to master any subject perfectly. To fill this gap trainers of Arabnet impart their knowledge to students through the most effective and comprehensive methods of training.

20 days programme

Easy Arabic

In this course Arabic language is taught using the most effective methods. The following options are available to the learners who are interested in joining this course.

  1. A) 10 days programme: This is a 10 days Magic Formula that guarantees the ability to read and write Arabic.
  2. B) 10 days learning activities: These are 10 simple activities by which one gets the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the language.

Through this course Arabnet takes an entirely different approach to make Arabic easy for the learners. This course shall help the proficiency seekers in Arabic language to a great extent.


Practice what you learn with course assignments, get personal feedback from expert tutors and learn together in small classroom communities.


You will be encouraged to take part in an ongoing class discussion where you can discuss ideas, post images or work, and comment on each other’s assignments.


Certificates from courses can play an important role in job applications – as proof of job skills as well as to show your personal commitment.

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ARABNET makes sure of most effective and comprehensive training for lots of PSC Examinations along with other qualifying examinations such as KTET, SET, NET etc.

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Get personal feedback from expert tutors and learn together in small classroom communities.

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Practice what you learn with assignments and tasks, class discussion where you can discuss ideas.

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Course certification and job assistance.


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Google Reviews
My name is Ismail, working as a typist one of civil company in dubai. I was student in Arabnet batch oct 2013, Arabnet is a great institution, providing good training, confidence and guidance is very helpful for finding a job in gulf countries.
My Name is Muhammed Sajid I completed Arabic – English Translation with Professional Typing Course of Arabnet in the year 2017. After I was selected as Customers Assistant in Qatar Metro after the Interview, Arabnet is a great institute knowing pulse of Gulf Jobs. Thanks a lot.
My Name is Ejas I’m Graduate in BA Arabic. After that I joined Arabnet academy for Arabic Typing course. Around 2 months I successfully completed my course. Then I got placement as Arabic typing staff at Noor Al Hayat Tours and Travels Kozhikode. I proudly thanks to Arabnet Academy for my successful career.
I proudly thanks to Arabnet Academy for my successful career.


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This is manned by experienced faculty team. It is a matter of fact that hundreds of trained –talented persons are working in India and the G.C.C Countries such as Qatar, U.A.E, Kuwait, Saudi Arabic etc on handsome salary.